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Urban visit the town of Potries

Potries is a friendly town nestling in the heart of the fertile region of La Safor, just five minutes away from larger towns such as Oliva and Gandía, and halfway between the unique beaches along the coastline and the mountain ranges surrounding the region along its southwestern border.

The town is 65 m above sea level and currently has a population of 1,049 inhabitants.

For several years Potries has been engaged in developing various projects to enhance its interesting cultural and natural heritage, creating various options that are attractive to the visitor: the Water Route, Ángel Domínguez’s Pottery Works, The Permanent Collection of Ceramic Art, along with the adaptation and signage of the most important features both in and outside the town itself.

All these elements help create a product that is extremely attractive to visitors that enjoy Cultural Tourism and is enhanced by a regular programme of popular activities and festivities such as: el Porrat de Sant Blas, a fiesta declared to be of particular tourist interest in the Province of Valencia.

The guide/tool offered here is intended as a means to enable you to find out about the local resources available and help you plan any trips you might wish to make. It provides easy access to the information on Potries’ extraordinary cultural heritage, along with the amenities available in the town. Come and enjoy something different, come to the countryside and discover the wealth of its heritage, even if only by surfing the net.

We invite you to make this virtual trip and also to do so in person. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

See you soon.


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