Tourism and Heritage in Potries

Presentation of the Museum’s Ceramic Collection

Over the centuries Potries has become an important centre for ceramics and pottery-associated activities. The name of Potries itself has its origin and meaning in this craft. The death of the last remaining potter, Ángel Domínguez, in 1983, signified the end of a craft with a long tradition in our town - of a way of understanding life, of a preindustrial production and marketing system that had gone into decline years before. In short, cultural baggage that is unquestionably rooted in our environment and identifies us as a community.

It is now almost three decades since Potries Town Council took on the challenge of preserving such an exquisite set of cultural resources that had been jealously and proudly guarded by generation after generation of local residents. In 1985 the Town Council acquired the last remaining pottery operating in the centre of Potries, with the intention of creating a ceramics museum. Then came the work, studies, inventories, one or two exhibitions, until, in 1998, the Potries Ceramic Collection was recognised by the Department of Culture as forming part of Valencia’s Network of Museums.

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